How to Merge PDF Documents

PDF is the format that is used in presenting documents. It is the most widely used extension for files that are needed to be submitted for office purpose. There are times when one has multiple documents. It is wise to merge pdf. You can multiply merge pdf.

How to merge pdf document pdf files open source- online

To merge pdf documents, you just need an internet connection. A website is there which helps to This website is capable to join multiple PDF documents and images into a single PDF file.

Follow the steps below to combine pdf files.

  1. Head to your favorite browser.

  2. Open a website altomerge[.]com.

  3. At the bottom, you will find an option “Choose Files”

  4. Browse your desired files that you want to upload and merge into single pdf.

  5. Click “open” in the bottom right corner of the window. After clicking your pdf files will begin uploading to pdf joiner.

  6. Wait for the files to get upload. This process may take a few minutes doing the file size of your pdf.

  7. Once uploaded you will see an option Join files.

  8. Click on “join files.” It will prompt to browse where you want to save your combined pdf file.

  9. Select save and you merge pdf documents freeware online.

How to merge pdf documents offline

You can combine pdf offline Yes, you can directly combine pdf from your computer without any online connection requirement. Follow the steps to combine pdf offline with a free software for windows.

  1. Download a software called pdf creator. This application is free to use.

    • To download the software visit ninite.

    • Scroll down a bit. On the left side of window check the “pdf creator tool.”

    • Scroll down and click on the option “Get you ninite.”

    • It will start downloading the software.

  2. Install pdf creator to combine pdf files. Open your downloaded file from the above website. It will start installing.

  3. Open PDF creator. Click PDF creator icon that is available on the desktop.

  4. Once you are in pdf creator click choose a file to convert.

  5. Browse the desired file to combine pdf.

  6. Click “Merge.” And go to merge all.

  7. Set the save location to your desired path.

  8. Save the file.


There are lots of ways to merge pdf files. But the above-mentioned steps are the easiest to merge pdf files. Multiple files take more sizes than combined pdf. When we are submitting the document, it is wise to shrink the size as possible. So, for the online work pdf joiner is the best choice in merging pdf documents. It is over the internet so one is free to use it any time. Another is the software. The offline merging of pdf is possible by using the tool. Once we get the tool we can merge pdf any time.

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